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 Dear Concern,


This is Sujit from Fab Technologies Ltd. Fab Technologies Ltd is providing car security solution from Bangladesh. you are requested to let me know is it possible to store video on Cameraftp platform for a rental basis.

Although I found varies brand camera except Jimi Brand. So, please let me know.

7/18/2021 1:28:50 AM

CameraFTP can offer cloud storage to DashCams. You need to make sure that your DashCam can upload footage to CameraFTP cloud via FTP/FTPS/SFTP or SMTP, and your DashCam is connected to the Internet. Currently we don't have a special service plan for DashCams, so your DashCam will be treated as a regular IP camera. If your usage is very low, you can order a low level (motion-recording) plan.

You might be able to use CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera App (for iOS/Android) as DashCam. Otherwise, you can use a DashCam or regular IP camera connecting to your mobile hotspot or mobile access point.




8/9/2021 10:14:19 AM

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