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I have a Logi webcam and am using the IOS viewing app to remotely access the webcam I'm using with your product.  I don't want my camera recording based on motion while I'm home.  So, I obviously will turn it off while at home.  If I leave the house without turning the motion detection on, how can I turn it on remotely.  I have a Blink security camera as well and their app offers the ability to arm/disarm motion detected recording.  I hope you're able to understand my question!

I'm only using an iPhone 12 with most up-to-date IOS and only have the viewer downloaded to my phone.



1/25/2024 5:53:14 PM

Hi Harry, that's a great question. We have planned to add this feature soon. It will be added to all CameraFTP camera apps (incl. Mobile Security Camera for iOS/Android/Mac, Webcam Security Camera for Windows, and VSS for Windows). Currently, you cannot remotely start recording, but you can connect to the live view, or start a video & audio call remotely.

1/29/2024 4:23:31 PM

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