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 My remote pc crashed at my property  a month ago. After i got it restarted it started uploading files. 

Also, my CPU, disk and memory are completely spiked at 100%, have been for two days.  Any hints?

1/29/2024 8:44:02 AM

First you need to locate the problem. If CameraFTP VSS software worked fine before, then I don't know any reason why it will use more CPU/disk/memory now. You can open Windows Task Manager, check if VSS uses a lot of CPU/disk/memory or not. Very likely it is caused by another process, e.g. Windows Update process, Windows Defender or some other anti-virus software. You can also stop the camera in VSS or quit VSS and check your PC's CPU usage again.

If your computer is very old, or if your VSS is connected to many IP cameras, then it could be normal that VSS uses a lot of CPU. But again, if it was fine before, then it should not have this problem unless the PC has some other problem. To further trouble shoot, please stop the camera and quit VSS first, then install Windows Update and reboot the PC. After rebooting, please wait for a few minutes until the CPU usage has dropped. Then launch VSS again and then start the camera again. Please let us know how it goes. 

Lastly, you might want to upgrade to the latest version of CameraFTP VSS software from our website. If you still believe it is a VSS problem, please note VSS has a built-in feature to send the event logs. Just open the VSS software, click Settings -> Event Logs -> Send event logs to support.



1/29/2024 11:16:06 AM

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