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CameraFTP just launched a new feature for sharing and publishing security cameras.

Do do so, it is extremely easy:

From the "My Cameras" page, click on the Share or Publish icon, you can share or publish your security camera to other people.

You can share your camera to non-CameraFTP users by entering their email addresses in the Share-to field. The system can send a share notification email to them. They can then click on the Share link to view the camera. If you share your camera to another CameraFTP user, then he/she just needs to logon www.cameraftp.com, click on My Cameras. Your camera will be displayed in the "Shared to me" section.

You can also publish your camera so that anybody can view your camera. For example, you can show people the real-time traffic on a freeway, or the entrance of a busy shopping center, or offer live coverage about a big celebration, etc.

After you have shared or published a camera, you can change it or delete the share / publish from the Manage Shares / Manage Publishes page.

Note: if you publish your camera to a large audience or if you share your camera to many people, and if many people actually view your camera, then you could run into a bandwidth problem. If you anticipate a lot of people will view your camera, please contact CameraFTP support to work out a service plan.


5/9/2013 11:31:48 AM

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