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 Hi, I have 2 wanscam camera and they both set up fine and uploading images fine. My issue is that there is no option to set the folder for the camera name in the camera setting page, so all my images from both cameras are uploaded to the root folder and mixed up together.

Is there any way to overcome this issue?

7/3/2013 10:54:32 PM

 When configuring your camera, you need to enter the FTP server name, username, password, and an FTP folder (or directory or path). The camera will upload images to the specified folder.

Most cameras support it. There are a few cameras that don't support uploading images to a folder. We have recently supported this kind of cameras. The system will automatically create a DefaultCamera folder and store uploaded images in this folder.

Please note: each account can have only one such camera. If you have more than one such cameras, then the recorded images will be mixed and it will be very hard to view the recordings.

You can have other cameras that upload images to other camera folders in the same account.

If you have multiple cameras that cannot upload images to a camera folder, then you can sign up multiple accounts on CameraFTP.com and order separately.

1/17/2014 6:27:01 PM

Most IP cameras can upload files to a specified FTP folder (i.e. the camera name). If your camera can do so, then you don't need to read below.


If your IP camera cannot upload files to a folder, by default all images will be uploaded to the \DefaultCamera folder on CameraFTP's FTP server. If you have more than one such cameras, then the images from multiple cameras will be mixed together.

Now we have a new and better solution to support multiple such cameras:

You can specify your camera name (i.e. folder name) as part of your username. For example, if your CameraFTP username is USERNAME, and if you have two cameras, first of all, you need to create the two camera names from www.CameraFTP.com website. Logon to www.cameraftp.com, then go to My Cameras page and click Add Camera to add the two cameras. Assuming the camera names are CAMERA1 and CAMERA2, this will create two folders \camera1 and \camera2 on our FTP server.

To configure Camera1 to upload images to the folder \camera1, you need to configure the FTP information as follows:

FTP server:   ftp.cameraftp.com

Username:   USERNAME:Dcamera1

Password:    Your CameraFTP password

For Camera2, you need to enter the username as:    USERNAME:Dcamera2

This way the image folders will not be mixed, and you can use our viewer apps to view the two cameras.


10/30/2014 2:02:11 PM

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