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Hi CameraFTP DriveHQ Team,


                I’ve registered using a free yahoo mail and tested the free account for 2 days limited trial offer with my D-Link IP Camera. I was so happy that my camera can save video recording to your FTP server.


However, after a few days, I re-login and notice that no new video uploaded and realized that the 2 days trial has ended.


So today 12.5.13,  I upgraded my free account into Verified account using my company’s corporate email. I logout and relogin and noticed that my account has been successfully upgraded to Verified Account.

After the upgrading I found out that the FTP test was failed and none of my recorded video was uploaded to my ftp server account.

 I tried few times to reboot my D-Link camera but to no avail.

 No password has been changed for this matter.

I've email three times to support@cameraftp.com and it gets rejected three times as well.

The bounce message are:

A problem occurred during the delivery of this message to this e-mail address. Try sending this message again. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

The following organization rejected your message: mail.cameraftp.com.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

mail.cameraftp.com # #SMTP#



Hope to get a support from expert at CameraFTP DriveHQ.

You cooperation is highly appreciated.




5/12/2013 7:35:42 PM

Most likely your account was blocked before you upgrade.

Actually, you can always logon www.cameraftp.com. However, accessing to the FTP server ftp.cameraftp.com is blocked after 2 days if you don't upgrade.

If the FTP server blocked your account, it will take a few minutes to refresh. So please stop your camera, wait for a few minutes, then restart your camera. 

If you still have problem, please contact CameraFTP support via email.

7/14/2013 2:08:33 PM

Quickly Reply

Please logon and reply, Not CameraFTP Member?

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