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  • ronoliverclarin
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What is my Secure Password?

3/7/2015 10:22:33 PM

  • ronoliverclarin
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Subject: Re: I do not know my Secure Password

Any response?

3/14/2015 5:56:07 AM

  • CameraFTPSupport
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Subject: Re: Re: I do not know my Secure Password

User: ronoliverclarin  -  3/14/2015 5:56:07 AM

Any response?

Your secure password has been reset to the same as your regular password.

A "secure password" is used to add extra level of protection to the recorded footage. Your initial secure password is the same as your regular password. If you change your password, your secure password is not changed.

If you set your secure password to be different from your regular password, it will be extremely hard for any intruders to delete the recorded footage: even if they gained full access to your IP camera and your CameraFTP account, they cannot delete the recorded data without your secure password.

5/6/2015 12:06:25 PM

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