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  • On 18-Dec-2011, George Palaganas posted this comment at Google stream regarding a postings by Mashable https://plus.google.com/113493854651753327245/posts

    From George Palaganas: https://plus.google.com/101478464558915340741/posts – Thanks Google but if you won’t improve “ease” and “readability”, it will take sometime before you can catch-up with Facebook! You might end up with it’s “notorious” tendency to downgrade(reads regressing when presentation is too cool!).

    From Mashable: – Kahapon 13:30 – Pampubliko
    “Google’s done it again, this time celebrating the holidays with another great-looking browser effect. Type “let it snow” and see for yourself.

    What will Google’s next Easter egg be?
    Type “Let It Snow” on Google for a Pleasant Surprise
    In the spirit of the Google “barrel roll,” the company has another tricky search result today: Simply search the words “let it snow” and watch what happens.”


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    Isang mainit at mapagpalayang hapon po sa
    ating lahat!
    Tunay na hustisya, kadakilaan ng Kataastaasang
    Hukuman, at kalayaan ng hudikatura,
    tatlo pong prinsipyo na nagbibigay sa akin – sa
    ating lahat – ng lakas at tapang na harapin ang
    hamon at pagsubok na bunga ng masamang
    I AM THE FIRST defender of JUSTICE
    by Chief Justice Renato Corona

    Page 1

    A liberating and very good afternoon to all of us.
    True justice, the authority of the Supreme Court and independence of the Judiciary,
    three principles that give me – that gives
    all of us – strength and courage to face the challenges and tests
    arising from bad politics. WE will not allow these principles to be trampled-upon and be derided,
    in our love for democracy and in the independence of the Supreme Court!

    (Page 1 Translation from Filipino to English courtesy of http://webtranslation.paralink.com/ with minor edit from George Palaganas)


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      • George PalaganasIn ERAP’s speech, the authority and independence of the Executive was used instead of the authority and independence of the judiciary.
        December 14, 2011 at 4:56pm · Like
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  • The Press Release from the Supreme Court at 2:00 O’clock in the afternoon, 14-Dec-2011, as tweeted earlier http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/pio/speeches/12-14-11-speech.pdf
  • It’s Deal-U! The new AFP Chief of Staff is Gen. Jessie Dellosa replacing Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. He is 43rd AFP Chief after Oban on 07Mar2011
    Dellosa is new AFP chief
    NORTHERN Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa was named the new chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), replacing Gen. Eduardo Oban who will reach the mandatory retirement age of
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    George Palaganas
    Dellosa is new AFP chief




    Published : Monday, December 12, 2011 00:00

    Article Views : 352


    NORTHERN Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa was named the new chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), replacing Gen. Eduardo Oban who will reach the mandatory retirement age of 56 on Tuesday.

    A senior military official, who asked not to be identified because he had no authority to speak on the matter, confirmed that Dellosa is the new Armed Forces chief.

    The source said that Dellosa was a cinch to get the position even as he said that President Benigno Aquino 3rd may change his mind and appoint somebody else though.

    “A change of mind by the President is always possible but is remote at this point of time,” the source added,

    The President will formally announce the new AFP chief during turnover ceremonies at Camp Aquinaldo in Quezon City (Metro Manila) today.

    “I have not been given clearance to make any announcement on that point yet so let’s just wait for the announcement. The person I’m sure has been informed of the assumption as Chief of Staff but, insofar as announcing it, let is wait for President Aquino to make the announcement,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said over state-run dzRB.

    Oban, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1979, assumed the post on March 6. He replaced Ricardo David, Aquino’s first AFP chief, and who is now chief of the immigration bureau.

    Lacierda said the next AFP chief is expected to continue the reforms initiated by Oban.

    Dellosa, a member of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Matapat” Class of 1979, bested two of his equally qualified “mistahs” or classmates—AFP deputy chief of staff Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara and Navy flag officer in command Rear Admiral Alexander Pama—as well as other senior officers.

    Oban and newly retired Army chief Lt. Gen. Arturo Ortiz were also members of PMA Class ’79.

    Dellosa will be the 43rd AFP chief of staff and the third to be appointed under the Aquino administration. The two others were retired Gen. Ricardo David, now the immigration commissioner, and Oban.

    The other contenders for the AFP top position were Air Force commanding officer Lt. Gen. Oscar Rabena, Southern Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Roland Detabali, Central Command chief Lt. Gen. Ralph Villanueva, Western Mindanao Command chief Lt. Gen. Juancho Sabban, AFP Insp. Gen. Vice Admiral Mario Catacutan, Lt. Gen. Raymundo Ferrer and PMA Supt. Vice Admiral Leonardo Calderon.

    Mapagu, Rabena, Detabali, Villanueva and Sabban are members of Class of 1978, which adopted former President Gloria Arroyo as honorary member.

    Calderon is a member of PMA Class 1976 while Ferrer and Catacutan belong to Class of 1977.

    Dellosa was commander of the Second Infantry Division based in Tanay, Rizal before he was appointed Nolcom chief.

    While a junior officer, Dellosa also served with the Presidential Security Group during the administration of President Corazon Aquino, the mother of the incumbent Chief Executive.

    Dellosa was also a commander of the Second Infantry Division based in Tanay, Rizal.

    He was also a former deputy commander of the Central Command based in Cebu City.

    Dellosa was also assigned as deputy commander of the Central Command, commandant of cadets of the PMA, commander of 302nd Infantry Brigade; deputy commander of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, special operations command; chief of staff of the Fourth Infantry Division, deputy commander and operations officer of the Joint Task Force “COMET,” and the commander of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion, First Scout Ranger Regiment of the Southern Luzon Command.

    He had extensive military trainings here and abroad where he was always on top of his class. Among them were the Intelligence Officer Course, Scout Ranger Course, Military Scuba Diving Course, Basic Airborne Course, United States Army Ranger Course, Pathfinder Course, Air Assault Course, Counter Terrorist Action Course, Hostage Rescue Training, Anti Terrorist Tactical FAS Training , Infantry Officer Advance Course, Command and General Staff Course in TRADOC, PA, Southeast Asia Peace Keeping Operations in Bangladesh; and National Security Strategic Studies in National Defence College, India.

    He is a recipient of numerous awards, including three Distinguished Service Stars, two Gold Cross Medals, two Outstanding Achievement Medals, six Bronze Cross Medals, 36 Military Merit Medals, 16 Military Commendation Medals, two Wounded Personnel Medals and the most coveted PMAAA Cavalier Award for Combat Operation.

    Dellosa is a scuba diver, sky diver, scout ranger, counter terrorist expert, hostage crisis management graduate and an advance practical shooter that distinguished him as one of the first military professional shooters of the Armed Forces.

    He was born in Bacon, Sorsogon on January 20, 1957 and married to Mary Rose Fernandez. They have three kids—Thaddeus, Benjamin and Patricia.

    With report from Jaime Pilapil
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    George Palaganas
    http://www.afp.mil.ph/index.php/news/977-generals-senior-officers-appointed-to-key-positions CAMP GENERAL EMILIO AGUINALDO, Quezon City – In pursuit of the military’s credible leadership and dynamism within its ranks, the Malacañan Palace has already approved the designation of three Generals and three Senior Officers to key positions in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

    MGen Jose Z. Mabanta will assume as the Commander of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, to replace MGen Irineo C. Espino. Mabanta is the current Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, J3 of the AFP. Prior to this, he held the position as Commander of the Civil Relations Service, AFP. He is a member of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Dimalupig” Class of 1981. From 1992 to 1998, Mabanta served with distinction in Mindanao in various capacities, both as an intelligence and infantry officer. Mabanta was the former AFP Spokesperson.

    To succeed MGen Mabanata in his post is BGen Romeo V. Calizo who will be the new Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, J3, AFP. Calizo is the current Chief of the AFP Command Center. He previously held the position as the Assistant Division Commander of the 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army in Camp Edilberto Evangelista, Cagayan De Oro. He is a member of the PMA “Matapat” class of 1979.

    To assume Calizo’s post is BGen Romeo T. Tanalgo who will be designated as the new Chief of the AFP Command Center. Currently, he is the Commander of the 2nd Marine Brigade of the Philippine Navy in Talipao, Sulu. He was the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Marine Corps from June 20, 2008 to February 1, 2009. He is a member of the PMA “Matikas” Class of 1983.

    Col. Orlando E. De Leon will be replacing Tanalgo as the new Commander of the 2nd Marine Brigade, Philippine Navy. He was the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Marine Corps from November 1, 2005 to July 22, 2006. Prior to this, De Leon held the position as the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade. He is a member of the PMA “Sandigan” Class of 1982.

    The designation of MGen Mabanta, BGen Calizo, BGen Tanalgo and Col De Leon was approved by President Benigno Aquino III effective last Monday, November 21.

    Meanwhile, Malacañang also approved the designation of two Senior Officers from the Philippine Army which will take effect on November 28.

    Col. Reynaldo G. Mutiangpili will be the new Commander of the 52nd Engineering Brigade, Philippine Army. He is the current Deputy and Acting Commander of the 52nd EBde, PA. Mutiangpili is a member of the PMA “Maharlika” Class of 1984.

    Col. Demosthenes C. Santillan will be designated as the new Commander of the 54th Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army. He is the current Deputy Commander of the 51st Engineering Brigade, PA. Santillan is a member of the PMA “Matikas” Class of 1983.

    “We stand by our commitment to continuously strengthen professionalism within our ranks. In pursuit of carrying out our mandates effectively and efficiently, our organization has to constantly undergo changes in its leadership which is part of the military institution’s continuous growth and improvement. We shall expect great things from these newly appointed officers in contributing to the achievement of our goals,” AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Eduardo S.L. Oban Jr. said.
    Generals, Senior Officers appointed to Key Positions
    Generals, Senior Officers appointed to Key Positions
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2/27/2012 7:31:53 PM

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