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Ive setup my camera as wireless, scheduled motion detection and configured as per guide from cameraFTP.com.  However, when I log into cameraFTP and view camera properties, the Recording Configuration dialog box shows -Image- as a detected parameter. I need this to be -motion- to work with the camera license I bought.


8/8/2018 10:09:41 AM

  Hi Kindaluni, 

I do see several issues looking at your subscription compared with what you are uploading. Please note that you ordered a subscription for 2 camera licenses, Video recording, 640x480 resolution, 5 frames/s, uploading only when motion is detected. 

Despite ordering these parameters, I see that you are uploading snapshot (images) rather than video files. In addition, it seems that you have a high amount of motion in the scene being recorded, which is exceeding the standard for motion-only upload. 

The main item that needs to be fixed is your camera upload type. Does your camera support Video upload/recording or only snapshots? If you cannot change this to video, or if you do not want to use our VSS software, then we will need to change your subscription to image upload. You will also need to consider how much activity will be within your scene. If this will pretty constantly be detecting motion, then we also need to change your subscription to support continuous recording. 

Please email support@cameraftp.com with any additional detail/questions or if you would like assistance with changing your camera subscription(s). 


Thank You,
CameraFTP Support

8/8/2018 10:52:30 AM

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