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I uploaded some (image/video) files to DriveHQ.com. How can I link to these files directly? The file URLs in the Show File page work only when I am logged on, and the URLs are different during multiple logon sessions.

7/20/2020 12:29:48 AM


7/20/2020 11:45:54 PM

To create a static file URL (or publish a file) on DriveHQ.com, you must be a Paid Member or a True Member. A True Member on DriveHQ.com is a free service member who registered an account with a reputable company/organization email address.

If you have a Paid Account or a True Account, then you have a few ways to create static links.

Method 1: Publish a Folder using web browser.

Log on to www.drivehq.com, go to My Storage, right click on a folder that you want to publish, then click Publish. Please see the screenshot below:

It will display the following dialog:

You must agree to the Membership/Publishing Agreement (check the checkbox), then click Ok, it will display the following message:

You can use the Publish Link to statically link to the published folder.

7/21/2020 10:37:07 PM

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