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旋转 特效 属性 历史版本
Alignment Table Cell (must appear within table rows) Alignment (same as data, except bold centered) Alignment 4.0 Table Footer (must come before THEAD> 4.0 Table Header Table Caption Alignment (groups column attributes) 4.0 Columns Spanned 4.0 Column Width 4.0 Width Percent 4.0 Group columns (groups column structure) 4.0 Columns Spanned 4.0 Group Width 4.0 Width Percent FRAMES (define and manipulate specific regions of the screen) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.0* Frame Document (instead of ) 4.0* Row Heights (pixels or %) 4.0* Row Heights (* = relative size) 4.0* Column Widths (pixels or %) 4.0* Column Widths (* = relative size) 4.0* Borders 4.0* Border Width 4.0* Border Color N3 Frame Spacing 4.0* Define Frame (contents of an individual frame) 4.0* Display Document 4.0* Frame Name 4.0* Margin Width (left and right margins) 4.0* Margin Height (top and bottom margins) 4.0* Scrollbar? 4.0* Not Resizable 4.0* Borders 4.0* Border Color 4.0* Unframed Content (for non-frames browsers) 4.0 Inline Frame (takes same attributes as FRAME) 4.0 Dimensions 4.0 Dimensions SCRIPTS AND JAVA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Script Location Type Language 4.0* Other Content (if scripts not supported) Applet File Name Parameters Location Identifier (for references) Alt Text (for non-Java browsers) Alignment Size (in pixels) Spacing (in pixels) N4 Server Script MISCELLANEOUS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment (not displayed by the browser) Prologue Searchable (indicates a searchable index) Prompt (text to prompt input) Send Search (use a real question mark) URL of This File (must be in header) 4.0* Base Window Name (must be in header) Relationship (in header) N4 Linked File Meta Information (must be in header) Style Sheets (implementations vary) 4.0 Bidirect Off (for certain character sets) ============================================================================ Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Kevin Werbach. Redistribution is permitted, so long as there is no charge and this document is included without alteration in its entirety. This Guide is not a product of Bare Bones Software. More information is available at .
Name of Box N2 Wrap Text 4.0 Group elements
4.0 Legend (caption for fieldsets) 4.0 Alignment TABLES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Define Table
4.0* Table Alignment Table Border
(either on or off) Table Border
(you can set the value) Cell Spacing Cell Padding
Desired Width
(in pixels) Width Percent
(percentage of page) 4.0* Table Color
4.0 Table Frame
4.0 Table Rules
MS Border Color
MS Dark Border
MS Light Border
Table Row
No linebreaks Columns to Span Rows to Span 4.0* Desired Width (in pixels) N3 Width Percent (percentage of table) 4.0* Cell Color Header Cell No Linebreaks Columns to Span Rows to Span 4.0* Desired Width (in pixels) N3 Width Percent (percentage of table) 4.0* Cell Color 4.0 Table Body
4.0 Column
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