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路径: \\odn\Celtic Frost\1985 - To Mega Terion\
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  • 01.Innocence And Wrath.mp3
    01.Innocence An...h.mp3
  • 02.The Usurper.mp3
    02.The Usurper.mp3
  • 03.Jewel Throne.mp3
    03.Jewel Throne.mp3
  • 04.Dawn Of Meggido.mp3
    04.Dawn Of Megg...o.mp3
  • 05.Eternal Summer.mp3
    05.Eternal Summ...r.mp3
  • 06.Circle Of The Tyrants.mp3
    06.Circle Of Th...s.mp3
  • 07.(Beyond The) North Winds.mp3
    07.(Beyond The)...s.mp3
  • 08.Fainted Eyes.mp3
    08.Fainted Eyes.mp3
  • 09.Tears In A Prophet's Dream.mp3
    09.Tears In A P...m.mp3
  • 10.Necromantical Screams.mp3
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