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Banking transparency and customer protection

Fees leaflet

Banco Alcalá, SA sets out the maximum fees and commissions to be applied to different transactions, in accordance with Bank of Spain regulations.

The regulations governing the transparency of banking transactions and customer protection are set out in the following provisions:

  • Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28 October 2011, on transparency and customer protection in banking services (BOE No. 261, of 29 October 2011).
  • Act 16/2011, of 24 June, on consumer credit agreements (BOE No. 151, of 25 June 2011).
  • Order EHA/1608/2010, of 14 June 2010, on transparency of conditions and information requirements applicable to paid services (BOE No. 148, of 18 June 2010).
  • Act 16/2009, of 13 November 2009, on paid services (BOE No. 275, of 14 November 2009).
  • Royal Decree 217/2008, of 15 February 2008, on the legal system for investment services companies and other organisations offering investment services, in the area of fees and standard agreements (BOE No. 152, of 23 June 2010).
  • Order of 16 November 2000, which implements Act 9/1999, of 12 April 1999, governing the legal system for transfers between European Union member states, as well as other provisions in the area of managing transfers in general (BOE No. 287, of 25 November 2000).
  • Bank of Spain circular 8/1990 of, of 7 September 1990, on transparency of operations and customer protection.

Other documents of interest

The following documents are available to the public:

  • Informative leaflet on mortgages.
  • Standard agreement for the services offered by the Bank.

General terms and conditions concerning investment services

Banco Alcalá, SA is authorised to offer investment and auxiliary services governed by MiFID regulations and Spanish regulations on financial markets, including the following:

  • Receipt and transfer of orders on financial instruments.
  • Carrying out orders on financial instruments.
  • Own-account transactions.
  • Placing financial instruments.
  • Discretional management of portfolios.
  • Advice on investment matters.
  • Administration and custody of financial instruments for customers' accounts.

In order to increase banking transparency and ensure maximum protection, we have set out for you the general terms and conditions concerning the investment services to be applied to the agreement between us. The content of this document should be understood as precontractual information for the purposes of Article 62 of Royal Decree 217/2008, of 15 February 2008, on customers classified as retailers

MiFID leaflet

Customer Service

The Banco Alcalá Group has a Customer Service to deal with and resolve any complaints and grievances customers might have. Customers should make use of this Customer Service before lodging any complaints with the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission - CNMV or the Directorate General for Insurance.

Should the Bank's Customer Service not provide any acceptable solution, customers may lodge complaints and grievances with the Bank of Spain's Banking Services Ombudsman [Comisionado para la Defensa del Cliente de Servicios Bancarios del Banco de España], with the CNMV Investors' Ombudsman [Comisionado para la Defensa del Inversor de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores] or with the Directorate General for Insurance's Ombudsman [Comisionado para la Defensa del Partícipe de la Dirección General de Seguros], depending on the nature and origin of the action that gave rise to the complaint.

Credit Organisations' Deposit Guarantee Fund

Banco Alcalá, SA forms part of the Credit Organisations' Deposit Guarantee Fund, set up by Royal Decree - Act 16/2011, of 14 October (hereinafter, "the FGD").

The FGD aims to guarantee that depositors with credit organisations and shareholders and holders of other financial instruments entrusted to a credit organisation can recover their cash and share deposits up to the agreed limits. As well as offering these two distinct and compatible guarantees, it also aims to carry out actions to strengthen the solvency and functioning of credit organisations in difficulty, and defend the interests of depositors, the FGD and the system made up of credit organisations as a whole.