Our management model

Our management model

Wealth preservation and protection is our priority

We work within a model based on investing in profitable and sustainable businesses, on the search for short-term stability and long-term profitability, and on foregoing profit rather than risking a loss.


We manage our customers' wealth by identifying their needs from a financial, legal and fiscal perspective.

Exceptional results of our investment funds

The success of our management model is reflected in the results obtained by our fund manager Gesalcalá by the returns of the management mandates of our parent company.


We apply a management philosophy when managing investments so as to make them more flexible against a backdrop of complex, changing market conditions.

Our aim is to offer wealth management adapted to each customer's preferences with regard to risk and management approach by means of the most appropriate investment vehicles.

Multidisciplinary service

Our comprehensive approach to wealth management is made possible by dialogue between customers and the bank, which draws on the knowledge of a team of specialists, offering customers a multidisciplinary service.

Comprehensive approach to wealth management

At Banco Alcalá we cover issues such as succession planning, business, tax, property assets, financial assets, insurance and liabilities.

This comprehensive approach aims to preserve the wealth of our customers over the long term and requires:

  • conducting a thorough analysis of the individual and financial situation of each customer.
  • drawing up a plan and a tax optimisation strategy to maximise net investment returns.
  • carrying out continuous monitoring of customers' investments and adapting them to market changes.