Who we are

Banco Alcalá was founded in Madrid on 6 March 1989. It currently comprises Banco Alcalá, SA, Gesalcalá, SGIIC, SA and Alcalá de Pensiones EGFP, SA. Since 1989, Banco Alcalá has been profitable and achieved liquidity and solvency ratios that have always exceeded those required by legislation.

A history of Banco Alcalá

The Argüelles family, with experience in the banking sector spanning almost a century, founds Banco Alcalá

Banco Alcalá acquires Banco de Jerez from Banco Hispano Americano.

Banco Alcalá merges Banco de Granada and Banco de Jerez to create Banco Granada-Jerez.

Crèdit Andorrà, the leading financial institution in Andorra, acquires 85% of Banco Alcalá.









Banco Alcalá acquires 6.1% of Banco de Crédito Balear.

Banco Alcalá acquires Banco de Granada from Banco Central.

Banco Alcalá sells Banco Granada-Jerez to La Caixa.

A 15% capital increase sees Riva y García and the Ros González family acquire stakes of 10% and 5%, respectively.