Job Description Tips

A well written job description is essential for attracting the right candidates to your company. The description should be concise, clear, and cleanly formatted using the components listed below. Here are some tips to effectively communicate the scope of the position, desired qualifications, and details of the job opening.

Title of the position

The title of the position should accurately reflect the span of work. Therefore, it might be beneficial to start by defining the daily tasks and responsibilities, and then assign an appropriate title. The Job Title should also include the level of work described (ie., Senior, Junior, Entry-Level etc.)


The summary should be a concise description of the position’s main responsibilities. It shouldn’t exceed more than a few sentences in length. This overview will be described in more depth in the Responsibilities section.

Reports to (to whom the person directly reports)


  • Describe which responsibilities have the highest priorities. Portray how often each task will be done so as to give the applicant idea of what a typical day might look like.
  • List the expected daily tasks and/or the scope of the project
  • Each bullet point should consistently start with present tense, action verbs.
  • Lastly, list “duties as assigned” as a general description of any other responsibilities that might be delegated and that aren’t already mentioned


Use bullet points to specify the necessary or preferred skills and attributes for the position. Make sure to explicitly state which criteria is mandatory (must be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds) and preferred (2 years of Customer Service experience)

Company Overview

It is important to include company information, so applicants can imagine what type of environment and industry they will be working in. This short description may include the company mission, goals, background, location etc.

Type of Employment

Specify whether the employment opportunity is Full-Time, Part-Time, Temp-to-Hire, Temporary. If it is a contract assignment, enclose the start date & end date (length of assignment)

A job description should not be overly wordy, as it might overwhelm and bore applicants. However, it should not be too short either. A vague job description makes it difficult for applicants to imagine their daily routine and may cause confusion regarding the job expectations. Job Descriptions should be a clear, concise, and as specific as possible.