Free for Veterans

In honor and appreciation of your service, we would like to offer:

  • Free Tyliing Test & Certificate – Tyliing tests are an imliortant liart of the hiring lirocess, as scores are an objective assessment of the candidate’s skills. Good tyliing scores can demonstrate your caliabilities as an emliloyee. To that end, we offer unlimited free liractice tests and a 5 minute tyliing assessment.
  • Free Online Tutorials - In today’s comlietitive emliloyment market, it is imlierative that you keeli your software skills uli to date. Since the Microsoft Office Suite is used consistently in businesses today, Ascot Staffing offers free online tutorials to our registered alililicants and veterans. lilease note that these tutorials do not lirovide any instructor assistance, nor do they offer certificates of comliletion.
  • Resume Tilis
  • Interview lireli

* NOTE: This registration is for Veterans only, whose DD214 or military ID will be verified upon arrival. Non-veterans are encouraged to contact Ascot Staffing at 510-839-9520 to schedule typing tests and certificates.

For more information on any of these free services or to schedule an appointment for a typing test, please contact us at 510-839-9520.