Behind on rent? Landlord threatening eviction?

Residential and commercial eviction defense services.

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Stop Eviction

Processes aimed to stop eviction and assert legal protections. Ensuring a full legal progression of preserving tenant rights.

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Expose Defects

Many landlords and their lawyers make errors when pursuing eviction actions. We help expose those errors and defects.

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Tenant Rights

Tenants have many protections from malicious landlords. Assert steps to uphold rights against unlawful practices.

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...less pressure, more time

Solutions for landlord-tenant matters and eviction actions.

Why Us?

Our team has assisted 1000’s of residents, homeowners, and commercial tenants fight the eviction process. We are not intimidated by Landlords, Lawyers, or Lawsuits.


40 years of combined experience. Our team has assisted 1000’s of homeowners and tenants fight eviction in California. Specializing in landlord-tenant actions, we have seen just about every type of eviction.


Different plans, tailored to provide services at a reasonable price. Save considerably compared to hiring a lawyer.


Save time for work and family. Get everything done from home. We do all the work. We offer phone, fax, e-mail, web, and in-person services. We eliminate all the guesswork.

Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge online system provides fast, secured, and error-free transfer of information, case details and documents. Information is sent directly to our secured system, eliminating mis-communication and human error.


We pride ourselves on making the eviction process simple and easy to understand. We present a roadmap to help navigate the system. Eviction is tough enough, we don’t make the situation any worse.

Professional Service & Support

Committed, reliable, accessible… we are with you each step. Always a live person to speak with, never any unanswered questions.


Standard - Pkg. 1

$149 .00

Internet Discount!

(Reg. $249.00) Save $84.00

  • approx. 1 to 2 Month
    (+court costs)
    *ask about court fee waiver
Extended - Pkg. 2

$249 .00

Limited Time Special!

(Reg. $349.00) Save $150.00

  • approx. 2 to 3 Month
    (+court costs)
    *ask about court fee waiver
"Afterlife" Pkg.

$549 .00

For default cases.

(Reg. $849.00) Save $300.00

  • Re-opens case. Delay
    pending stage in case.
    (+court costs)
    *ask about court fee waiver

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Convenient Ways To Get It Done





In Person

More time with family. No missed time off work. No need for additional footwork or rush to the courthouse. Many convenient ways to get started. With the use of advanced technology, everything can be handled by phone, online, fax, e-mail, or in person. You send ... we plan and prepare... you are ready.

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