Software Design and Development

Junkyard Rumble (In Progress)
Software Tools 3DS Max Design 2014 and Unity
Professor Gregory Grimsby
Team Leader Steven Hopkins
Members Nathan Crevonia, Steven Hopkins, Han-Tsung Liu, Kelly Miller, Paul Miller, Joel Ryan, Nicole Rogers, Tyler Wallace
Game Overview Junkyard Rumble is a single-player, platform-based shooter game for the computer built in the Unity engine. It is a quick passed fictional game that combines the style of Borderlands with the cuteness of Kirby. A player would progress their way through the game by catching the junkyard creatures that are terrorizing the junkyard.Each level will be completed by a catching a creature and if the player does not finish in the allotted time he/she will fail. After catching a creature an upgrade to the gameplay will be added. Each level will progress in difficulty until the big boss of death. The game should last 10-20 minutes and be repeated as many times as desired. There is no blood or gore due to the fact that this game is meant to be played not only by older teens but little children. This game will be a pay what you want on humble bundle

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