Psycho Challenge

Group: Lianne C., Nick W., Rob V.

For this assignment we recorded short video clips and followed a storyboard. We experienced different filming techniques and lighting using a digital video camera. To edit this short film we used Adobe Premier. We edited our takes and imported sounds and converted our footage to black and white to complete the film.


News Report

Group: Steven A., James B., Tara T., Nick W.

For this task we created a short news report and experienced multiple filming techniques. We used multiple forms of lighting and green screen techniques to create the news program. We used a boom stick and shotgun microphone to experience different sound recording equipment. While editing in Adobe Premiere we were able to experience layering multiple layers of video which made the finished product resemble a real news program.

Flash Animation

This assignment used Adobe Flash CS6. there was good use of layering objects and sounds. We experienced Bamboo tablets for drawing and were able to complete a short animation.




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