How Things have changed.


This is a photo of an early model IBM Personal Computer circa 1981 just like the one I first owned.

 Mine had 640K of RAM, a 10 Megabyte HD and twin 5.25" Floppy Disk drives. I got my first "compatible" in 1982 and it had a 4.77 mHz 8080 Intel processor. Mine came from a startup company in Perth, Western Australia - "Y-Micro" who were selling them out of the garage of their home in the Perth suburb of Leederville. The monitor I had was a mono- high resolution green on black picture.

The software I used mostly at the time was Lotus Symphony, a suite that preceded Lotus 1-2-3. I wrote a lot of Symphony macros to manipulate numeric financial data within spreadsheets. This was my first real foray into programming.

From there I went to some MS-Basic, then to CLIPPER and C. Next I found "Clarion for DOS" and have continued on with other Clarion development systems.

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