Accounting degree and 90 hours towards Math Degree

Have read many books on Leadership


Elected 1 term as President and 2 terms as V/P

Steward for 20 years and Step A rep since inception in 2001

Attended past 11 conventions and its workshops

Have always been a strong advocate of members’ and stewards’ rights

Trained and mentored many stewards


Twice “steward of the year” and once “volunteer of the year”

Chairperson with Tom Schreiber for many fundraising poker events

When V/P, filed grievances that had over $60,000 awarded for delayed conversions

We have settlements that have awarded money to Branch 343 and escalated awards to our members for ongoing violations but most of that real credit goes to Tom Schreiber

My experience and knowledge of the grievance process has resulted in more timely and efficient settlements. We must be able to recognize when a grievance has no merit and I am not afraid to do that. We must continue to find ways to be even better than we are.

Continue to contribute to MDA, Food Drive, LCPF, and Branch 343 PAC Fund

Have developed a monitoring system for bids, conversions, EPs and back pay issues

This Branch has been under budget 3 straight years which has made it possible to have tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, improvements and updates completed. This office has been fiscally responsible and that has benefited this entire branch.