Personal Letter To All Members



Hello, fellow members, my name is Robert (Bob) Rapisardo. I have been privileged to be your President for the past 3 years. Prior to being President, I was Branch 343 V/P for 6 years. I am proud to have been elected all three times. I would be honored to be your President for another 3- year term. In the first few days of November, you will be receiving a ballot in the mail. The election is done by mail, so please return your ballots as soon possible. Everyone hopes that you decide to vote and encourage others to do the same. If you have supported me in the past, then I would deeply appreciate your support, again. If this is your first- time voting, I would like for you to review this entire website and to read my mailings and handouts.

This campaign will be just like all my past campaigns. My campaign is 100% positive because it helps define who I am. I am confident that my experience and knowledge will convince you to vote and continue to lead this branch in the right direction.

My record as a long- time steward of 20 years and the past 9 years as full-time officer proves my commitment to all members. Despite performing my normal duties, I have still handled over 800 grievances at the Step A level. While being a steward, I represented the members by working on 900 grievances. I feel that my settlements hold Management accountable for their actions to the best of our ability that benefits our members. Yes, I do agree with you that part of the problem appears to be that no one in Management is held accountable by those in higher level Management positions.

We need to find ways to get more members involved without the past resistance. We need ideas that have plans to succeed. As a team, we can move forward in an even better direction. I feel that I possess the knowledge, experience and character traits needed to continue to be your Branch 343 President. I hope you take the time to vote and please consider voting for me; I would be honored to have your vote of confidence in me.

If you need to speak with me about anything or helping with my campaign, then please call me at 314-337-7199.

                                                                                                     Thanking you very much,

                                                                                                     Robert (Bob) Rapisardo