Our Union’s own Constitution states: “the objects of the Association shall be to unite fraternally all letter carriers.”

With my accounting degree, we have stayed way under budget and can continue improvements, repairs and updates.

With less resistance, we will have more gatherings for our members like many other branches.

I will continue not to have a branch vehicle; that was my choice and no one else’s. This allows the branch to allocate funds to our members.

We must not be afraid of change and start listening to our newer members.

I will continue to listen to the input and suggestions from our members.

We need to get more involved in the community and labor movement.

We will continue to have catering events from our own member’s businesses.

We will create our own support group for members looking for EAP-like issues.

We will continue with the progress that we have made regarding on-going violations.

We will continue to use the monitoring system for conversion of CCA’s and back pay issues

Will continue to conduct ongoing training especially for our newer stewards.