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I noted that there is a limit of 200 MB monthly download for a free account.  What about a paid account ?

And for a paid account, how many sub users can I create ? And what would be their individual download limits ?

All I need are 5 sub users , who will have individual passwords and are allow to download as much as 1 GB per month

How much will this cost us?    Thank you



2/26/2016 12:59:13 PM

DriveHQ is a leading Cloud IT service provider. Most of our users are business users. Our free service is designed to show case our enterprise features, thus it has some limitations.

If you upgrade to a paid account, usually you don't need to worry about the download bytes at all, unless you want to share some very large files to a lot of users, or you want to host a heavy-traffic website with us. 

For normal business use, if you actually reach your download bytes limit, please feel free to contact us. We can reset it for you if it is one-time peak usage. 

Our service pricing is dependent on your amount of storage space and number of user licenses. Please click the Pricing tab (on top) to find more detailed information about our prices.  Our user license is priced extremely low at only $6/user/year. For 5 users, it only costs $30/year (for all 5 users).


3/9/2016 2:25:13 PM

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