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I am currently using a real time sync for my documents and for my contact database, calendar, emails, tasks, etc. It is working very well and I am more confident in what I would call my "backup" process then I ever have. So my question is that since the syncing process is working so well why would I need to use the backup tool to make sure that I am backing up the same files?

This may sound like a stupid question, but with my current procedure, I am just running the File Manager software and just do not see a need to even install the backup software.


7/3/2009 2:46:57 AM

DriveHQ FileManager is designed to be like Windows Explorer with extra features: 

  • Drag and drop, remote access files on DriveHQ.com;
  • Share and publish files / folders;
  • Synchronize folders between a local folder and a remote folder;
  • More powerful features like group folder sharing with access control, and group folder synchronziation among multiple PC and users.

Some people do use DriveHQ FileManager for backup purpose. It may or may not work well. There are a few differences between FileManager and Online Backup:

(1) FileManager is designed for everyday use. You can use it to manually drag and drop files just like Windows Explorer; DriveHQ Online Backup is designed to be "Set and forget". Once you have created a backup task(s), you don't need to open it. It will be running in the background.

(2) Online Folder Synchronization uses more computing resources. You cannot use it to synchronize a very big folder. Generally you can only synchronize small folders with less than 3000 files / subfolders. If you have a huge folder, it is recommended using DriveHQ Online Backup. (or you can devide the synchronization task into multiple smaller tasks)

(3) Folder synchronization is not as safe as Online Backup. In the past, some users accidently delete files on local PC or on server. They thought they still have backup copies in the sync-ed folder. But when you do so, files in the sync-ed folder are also deleted. Thus, folder synchronization could cause accidental deletion / overwrite of your files.

(4) DriveHQ Online Backup can keep multiple versions of your files. You will not accidentally delete / overwrite files.

(5) Using DriveHQ FileManager, you must logon your computer. If you logoff your computer, the software is also closed.

DriveHQ Online Backup is designed to have two components: one is the GUI application, which is used to create / manage backup tasks. the other is the BackupService process, which runs as a Service process. Once you have created your backup task, you don't need to open the GUI process. Even if you are not logged on, the backup service process still runs in the background.




7/3/2009 3:20:56 PM

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