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At the moment my file is sent through HTTPS to a marketplace platform but I see there is an option to send it via FTP.


What would I need to do in order to send it via FTP?


Thank you


10/18/2019 6:22:53 AM

Without any info about your marketplace platform/software, I can only answer some general FTP and file sharing related questions.

First of all, please visit our "FTP features" page. You can find our FTP server name, IP address and other basic FTP information.

The file sharing feature is common to FTP, WebDAV Drive Mapping, DriveHQ FileManager and DriveHQ.com website. You can right click on a folder in DriveHQ FileManager or DriveHQ.com website and share it with other users.

You asked "Create an FTP link to share", I guess you want to access files via an FTP URL. There are two ways to access files via an FTP URL.

(1) Anonymous/static FTP URL. You will need to publish a folder first (you must be a Paid Member or True Memeber). To publish a folder, right click on a folder in DriveHQ FileManager client software, or DriveHQ.com website, then select Publish. After you have published a folder, you can access the folder and files in it using the following URLs:




(e.g.  ftp://ftp.drivehq.com/drivehq/drivehqsoftware/ )


(2) FTP URL with USERNAME and PASSWORD, e.g:


In order to use the above URL, the password must NOT contain any special characters, such as ":", ".", etc.  Moreover, you must be a paid member and the FTP server name must be proftp.drivehq.com. If you don't need the full URL, you can also use:


The web browser will pop up a login dialog. After you log in, it will display the folder/file list. 






10/18/2019 11:03:29 AM

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