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I'm considering becoming a Group Service Reseller and would like to know if DriveHQ is HIPAA, SAS 70, or Safe Harbor compliant.


6/19/2010 7:30:31 AM

First of all, you might want to visit this page for "Security and privacy" rules on DriveHQ.com:


DriveHQ is a managed service provider or a hosting service provideror. Our service is designed for many different kinds of users, incl. small and medium sized businesses, consumers, professionals, large enterprises, educational institutions, government offices, non-profit organizations, etc.  DriveHQ system is designed to be secure and private from the beginning. By default, your files and folders are secure and private unless you share or publish them. Other users cannot access your files / folders. Your files cannot be accessed with any links (static URLs) without logon. So the service can meet your security requirements. Also, government regulations (e.g. HIPAA) require certain companies to backup their data offsite. DriveHQ service can help companies meet such requirements. In fact, we have a lot of doctors offices and healthcare firms using our service.

So to answer your question: DriveHQ service is a general purpose service; it has all the security & privacy rules and technologies, and can help companies meet government regulations. However, DriveHQ service is like your ISP service or a web browser client -- whether it is safe or not depends on how you use the service / software. Therefore, we don't need any HIPAA  / SAS certification.

If you use strong passwords, properly protect your logon credentials, and share files only with those authorized users and set right permissions, then it will be secure. Otherwise, it will not be safe even though our system is very secure.


6/21/2010 3:06:52 PM

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