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I am using the new version of DriveHQ Filemanager (Version 5, X64). I have two questions. First, how do i change the default download folder? When i select a file in FileManager, right click on it, and select download, it automatically downloads the file to my desktop. However, i want it to download files in a different folder.

And second, how come the drag and drop feature doesn't work anymore? In version 4, i would simple drag and drop files to a folder, and they would be simply downloaded to that folder. But in version 5, when i drag and drop files, it instead creates a folder names Draganddrop, and inside that folder is a text file named Filelist.....but none of the files are copied or downloaded....

thx a lot in advance for your help;)

9/19/2010 8:29:37 AM

First of all, it seems you might have installed a wrong version of DriveHQ FileManager? Please make sure you install 32-bit version FileManager on 32-bit version Windows and 64-bit version FileManager on 64-bit version OS. You can find the detailed FileManager version info in the "About Dialog". Click on the top-left corner of DriveHQ FileManager and then select About DriveHQ FileManager to open the About Dialog.

Now about the default folder, you can navigate to different folder on DriveHQ FileManager; you can do so both on the remote pane and the local pane (right-hand side). Go to a local folder that you want files to be downloaded to, then you can right click on a remote file and select download. The remote file will be downloaded to the current folder in your local pane.

As of the drag and drop problem, we cannot duplicate the problem and so far we have no other users reporting the problem. But the problem appears to be you have installed a wrong version FileManager, or the installation was not done properly. Installation problem could be caused by certain anti-virus software / security software. DriveHQ installer needs to register certain DLLs with your Windows system to support drag and drop. Please make sure you don't have any software blocked it.


9/19/2010 10:02:25 AM

Thank you for your reply.

However, i have installed the 32-bit version on my 32-bit operating system. So it should be the right version.

For downloading to a specific folder, the solution you have provided works. Thanks a lot for helping me on that. However, as you mentioned, i have to drag and drop the files from the left panel to the right panel (on any folder that i want) or select the files on the left panel, choose a folder on the right panel and then click on download. But in version 4, i used to be bale to drag and drop the files directly to my desktop. That is, not dragging them to the desktop folder on the right panel, but dragging them to the actual desktop. Also same thing would apply to specific folders (i used to be able to drag the files and drop them on any open windows outside of the DriveHQ filemanager, now i can only drop them to folders on the right panel).

I hope i made the problem more clear. 

9/19/2010 6:54:07 PM

I guess you might have accidentally disabled "Drop to Explorer". You can click on the tools menu, then from the pull-down menu, check if you can find "Disable Drop To Explorer". If you can find it, it means "drop to explorer from DriveHQ FileManager" is enabled.

If you disable it, then the menu item should be "Enable Drop to Explorer" (select it will re-enable it.)

9/19/2010 9:51:08 PM

Dear webmaster,


I checked the option you mentioned. It says "Disable  drop to explorer" which i assume means that it is already enabled.

Have you checked to see if you can drop files to an actual folder outside of the filemanager windows?

9/20/2010 3:22:52 PM

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