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When I am tring to connect to the free FTP service, The TLS Connections gets closed. Any Idea on what may be the issue.

2/5/2023 11:01:45 PM

There are two reasons:

(1) For FTP over TLS/SSL, you need to use the FTP hostname ftp.drivehq.com or proftp.drivehq.com. (The FTP hostname must match the SSL certificate's common name of the FTP server). Plain FTP and SFTP don't have this requirement. 

(2) DriveHQ's FTP/SFTP feature is a business feature. It is not included in the free/personal plans. New users can try our FTP/SFTP feature with a free or personal account. However, it is a very limited free service. If you need to use the FTP/SFTP feature in long term, you need to order a business plan. The lowest plan is "Business Basic with 3 users". If your usage level is very low, please contact DriveHQ customer support via email. 


If you want to use DriveHQ FTP service for IP cameras or DVRs / NVRs, please note it is not allowed. DriveHQ's FTP service is for regular business use only.

For IP cameras, DVRs/NVRS, we have a better and dedicated service at www.CameraFTP.com. CameraFTP is a leading cloud recording/surveillance service. It has the most flexible service plans and very broad features. You can customize a plan based on your budget and quality requirements.

You can use most non-proprietary IP cameras; you can use smartphone or webcam as IP camera; you can use a PC as a CCTV DVR system



2/6/2023 8:53:09 AM

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