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Recently we often not able and very hard  to connect to ftp.drivehq.com , using microsoft ftp command prompt , please solve this problem ASAP as it's very important to us.

6/7/2012 2:30:16 AM

This is a very basic question and is covered in FAQ. You can also take a look at this support message:


6/7/2012 2:51:43 AM

I got the same result that hard to connect as you recommended using Windows Explorer to access DriveHQ FTP service, just enter the path:



6/7/2012 3:42:45 AM

We are sorry for the incident. Our FTP site had unusually high traffic this morning. It affected quite a lot of new users. It is fixed now.

Please note during the time, proFTP.drivehq.com, www.drivehq.com, DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup and Drive Mapping all worked well. We will try our best to make sure it does not happen again. In the future, you can also try other methods for accessing your files.  (e.g. proFTP.drivehq.com; or www.drivehq.com, DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup and Drive Mapping. Note ProFTP.drivehq.com is for paying customers only.)

6/7/2012 9:23:42 AM

Thanks alot for quick solved the problem. Now the connection are as well as usual again. 

6/7/2012 10:06:02 AM

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