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I am piloting to use drive hq ftp service for our mcafee server ePO  to be used a distributed repository. The main server will replicate the mcafee patches and updates to the shared drive hq ftp folder from where our clients will be downloading the patches. I need an option where, when I login to the FTP site, it should default to a specfic folder I created under my storage. How can I achieve that.



6/14/2012 9:45:47 PM

If you use GUI based FTP client software, usually you can specify a default folder when configuring a new FTP site (or connection).

If you use a command-line FTP client, then it usually defaults to the root folder in "My Storage".  If you have a group account, you can use the Group Options feature to set a default folder after logon. (However, you can only choose a few options.) In your case, you can set it to:

   - Group member default to "go to the sub user shared folder".

With this option set, you will have a shared folder name in your account that matches a sub-user name for each sub-user. This way, when a sub-user logs on, it will default to the shared folder:



6/16/2012 11:28:10 PM

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