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If I install the File Manager software, I can no longer use the drivehq.com web site to upload files because when I try to navigate to a folder on my Computer, I get the ever so helpful "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error message and IE7 closes.

Also, I can no longer add folders to my IE7 Favorites list, oddly enough.  I get the same error "Internet Explorer has stopped working" and IE7 closes. 

Uninstalling the File Manager software makes the drivehq.com web site upload and the IE7 Favorites folders work again.

9/9/2008 11:39:21 AM

We have never ever heard such reports from any users. Considering our huge user base and that we have tested it thoroughly, it is almost impossible to be caused by FileManager. Note DriveHQ FileManager is just a client application and is not integrated with Internet Explorer.

Please make sure you check your computer carefully, some other software might have caused the problem. If you still feel this is caused by FileManager, please report more details of the problem. Please send emails to DriveHQ customer support. We need to know the details about your Operating System and the build number / version number of FileManager. A screenshot will be very helpful.

9/9/2008 6:23:59 PM

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