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Currently cannot pay using my debit card as I'm receiving an error.

Credit card transaction failed! Please verify ALL info and try again. You can also pay by PayPal. It accepts more credit cards. This transaction cannot be processed.

Its the first time this is happening to me as in the past I could pay with the exact debit card.

Make sure to check my past transaction (id 26141267). There you can see I could pay with the exact card but not I'm receiving that error.

Any tips?

8/24/2015 8:13:14 AM

Hi Maria, this error message does not provide any specific reason. In this case, the problem is usually caused by your credit card company blocking the transaction. If your billing information is correct, please call your credit card company asking them not to block the transaction. Alternatively, you can try a different credit card, or pay by PayPal.

You may wonder why the same credit card worked before, but not now.  Well, this is determined by your credit card company, usually it is related with your recent account activities. Your credit card company can tell your more detailed information about why it is blocked.

For customers who cannot pay by credit card / PayPal, we also accept business checks and Bank Wire / ACH. Please email DriveHQ customer support for more detailed information.

8/27/2015 9:08:59 AM

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