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I am testing Drive HQ FileManager. Looks very nice.

I was wondering how to attach a cloud document into a mail (we are using Outlook). If I trag & drop a file directly from the cloud to an email, it does not work. Looks like a workaround is to first download the document in local and then attach it to  the mail.

Is there a way to directly attach a file  from the cloud?



9/21/2015 5:05:33 AM

For attaching files in Outlook, you need to use our WebDAV Drive Mapping service. You can map DriveHQ cloud storage as a network drive (like C:). WebDAV is included in our cloud IT service for free.

DriveHQ FileManager is our native client, so it has more features than WebDAV, e.g. it supports file sharing, publishing, folder synchronization, encrypted folder and many other features. It is designed to be more efficient and robust. If you need to upload / download large files or many files, it is recommended using FileManager, not only it is faster than a mapped drive, it is also faster than FTP.

9/21/2015 9:30:15 AM

 ok thanks. I don't want to use WebDAV as, as you said, it is less robust and do not have the encryption feature. Then for all users of the firm, we will use FileManager.

Having said that, the only way I found to attach a file in a mail is to download the file in local first and then attach it to the mail. It works but it is not that convenient.Is this the easiest way to do it? Do you think your engineer could enhance FileManager to allow user to directly drag & drop a file from FileManager to a mail?




9/21/2015 10:10:54 AM


While we would recommend FileManager over WebDAV, I can at least confirm that our engineers are working on a more powerful WebDAV tool, that will include an encryption feature.

As far as the email, yes, you will need to download the files locally in order to attach them. This is actually a limitation of cloud-email interactions in general. Even workaround extensions for services like Gmail involve downloading the file from the cloud to the local storage in some way. But, we will continue to look into solutions to make FileManager more effective.

9/21/2015 4:50:28 PM

 Thanks for your reply


9/22/2015 8:53:18 AM

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