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Any chance the daily report you get sent out be better formatted for mobile phones, the images are impossibly small to see , at least on my iphone (gmail and mail). Also there are no html links to either the website nor the images. Which would make it so much easier to navigate rather than having to manual access the website from bookmarks,etc.



3/26/2016 2:42:38 AM


We can certainly send this request to our development team to see what improvements can be made with the emailed daily reports. This being said, you will find that the event center on our website and our mobile applications makes viewing events far more convenient. With our mobile applications, you can setup push notifications, or simply go to the event log tab and look at the recent motion events. This will allow you to directly click and view the motion events; versus the email report which is not intended to be as interactive as the actual event log page. 

Feel free to email support@cameraftp.com with any other questions. 


CameraFTP Support

3/1/2018 6:10:29 PM

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