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I am having a real tough time.  I have this set up with my plan and it seems the ftp test transfers happen but no video.  I had a few but very sporadic.  I want to be able to send my video to cameraftp and then push it out.  I am not getting anywhere and very frustrated and feel like I am about to cancel.  Any help?



2/26/2021 11:02:55 AM

Please read the setup guide for Reolink IP cameras: 


Note FTP is only one of the total 4 to 5 steps. You have already configured your network and FTP, now you need to configure the camera on:

- What to upload:  image or video, resolution, upload frequency/frame rate. Please configure these parameters based on your subscription plan.

- When to upload:  motion recording or continuous recording.

- Where to upload: FTP.

Please follow these steps one by one. 

CameraFTP is a cloud service provider. We don't make, sell, install or manage IP cameras. Our server cannot connect to your IP camera or automatically configrue your camera. If your camera does not upload, CameraFTP server cannot force it to upload. (It can send you an alert about camera problems). The advantage are: you are not locked in with a camera vendor; your camera can be hidden behind a firewall/router. It is more secure as hackers cannot directly connect to your camera. You don't need a static IP address/DDNS and you don't need to open ports on your firewall/router. 

If you have any questions about your camera, you can contact your camera manufacturer or camera vendor. You can also email us screenshots showing how you configured your camera and we probably can find the problem or provide more advice.


2/26/2021 2:59:33 PM

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