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Hi team,


I have paid all my outstaning bills and I am under a montly subscription of $3.49, but suddenly on 5th April 2022 I have been charge $1.47 as service charge - Invoice # /Transaction ID: 63194552



Username - harishraj1989

email - megaharishraj@gmail.com

Invoice # /Transaction ID: 63194552


I am not happy with this charge and please request an explanation and refund, also since I am outside US and transacting in USD am also been charged by Bank which add insult to the injury.


Looking forward for the response please



Harish Raj



4/7/2022 4:52:10 AM

Please note the support forum is public. If you don't want it to be public, you can email customer support directly.

I checked your account and noticed that you ordered a camera license a couple years ago. You ordered another camera license recently. Please note it is normal that people order multiple camera licenses separately. Many users started with 1 camera, but adding more cameras later. If you only have 1 camera and want to keep the same plan, you just need to pay for the service fees (monthly or yearly). Please use Deposit/Pay. Do not order another subscription as it will add a new camera license.

If you want to change your service plan parameters, you can order a new subscription first, then go to My Cameras page, click the Settings (gear) icon below your camera thumbnail, then bind the camera with the new license. (This way, you don't need to change the camera's FTP password.)  After that, you can go to Manage Subscriptions page and cancel your old subscription.  If you use regular IP cameras / DVRs, CameraFTP server cannot automatically reconfigure your devices. Please log in to your IP camera/DVR and update the recording parameters based on your new service plan parameters.

About your problem: you ordered a second camera license without canceling your old plan. Your monthly billing date is on the 5th of the month. So you were charged for the old plan. I have credited your CameraFTP account for $1.47.  But I did not cancel your old subscription. You still have an old camera in your account, which you have not deleted. If you don't need it, please delete it and then cancel the subscription. 

Lastly, please configure your camera's recording parameters based on your service plan's recording parameters. A frequent mistake is to order a motion-recording plan but configure the camera to upload continuously.


4/7/2022 11:57:20 AM

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