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Chinese Medicine is being brought to the forefront of the Global Health Communities attention.

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The popularity of this ancient form of Chinese Medicine has risen in response to perceived shortcomings in what conventional medicine has to offer.This can be seen more clearly in the handling of illnesses such as stroke, chronic pain and respiratory diseases, emotion problems which respond well to Chinese Medicine therapies. For these same diseases and other minor illnesses, modern medicine addresses and treats only the symptoms while Chinese Medicine places importance on the source of the illness and centres on healing the whole person rather than just focusing on the outward manifestations of the disease.

Care Cure practitioners are specialists in all aspects of Chinese medicine. We have years of experience in treating a wide range conditions. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions, offer advice and assist you regarding the best treatments for your health. Feel free to avail of our free consultation, receive a full TCM diagnosis and discuss any health concerns you may have.

Chinese Medicine in other words treats the specific patterns of imbalances within the body that manifest when unchecked into different diseases. Chinese Medicine can also be used as a preventative measure that is a therapy used to prevent the imbalance turning into a disease in the first place. For example an imbalance in your system may first manifest as a cold, a pain in your knee, itchy skin before it turns into a more serious form of disease such as pneumonia, blood clots or multiple sclerosis.

Chinese Medicine identifies and treats the root cause of disease, not as a label which applies to all who have contracted the disease or a range of symptoms. No it treats the disease as an imbalance within the unique, physical, mental and spiritual condition of each patient. Therefore every patient of TCM receives a tailor made treatment which is unique to them and their individual body system.

To avail of a FREE CONSULTATION call our information line on 085 865 8818 or BOOK ONLINE. Care Cure Clinics are located in Dublin, Galway, Dun Laoghaire,Longford and Sligo.