Herbal Remedies

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Specialists in Herbal Remedies & Traditional Chinese Medicine Products

Chinese herbal remedies at Care Cure are procured from plants and derive from formulas that have been developed over thousands of years. This age old knowledge of the relationship between plants and how they relate to and benefit the body is prevalent in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices today.

These formulas are often used with other TCM practices like acupuncture and acupressure to enhance treatment administered in our clinics. Chinese Herbal Medicine contains none of the harsh chemicals or synthetic constituents often found in modern western medication. This is one of the reasons why there has been increased interest in Chinese herbs as people seek out natural remedies that work with the body, without harsh side effects. In Chinese medicine there is no one size fits all so please seek advice from one of our experienced practitioners before taking Chinese herbal medicine.

Probably the most widely used as they are pre-made in pill or tablet form and therefore easy to take with all the benefits of the herbal concoctions. ​ They are excellent for a wide range of conditions including hay fever, detox, blood circulation, hormonal imbalace and pain.

Dried herbs formulated by our doctors. Perhaps not as popular in the west due to the preparation time and the strong taste and aroma. ​ However for certain conditions these are excellent as they are personally prepared by our practitioners for each individual and their respective condition. Excellent for detox, constipation, skin conditions, weight loss and many more.

External Remedies Linements, salves, oils, compresses and plasters containing herbal formulas which are used for external application. We offer a free consultation in all our clinics so you can be sure you are receiving the correct herbal remedies for your particular condion.

These herbal combinations are most commonly used to treat, hormonal disturbances, infections, breathing disorders and can be either brewed as a tea or ingested in tablet form.
The main strength of Chinese herbal medicine lies in strengthening the immune system, which builds up resistant to disease.